Our production is market-oriented and every customer has its own specific wishes and requirements. We provide our products with care with the desired covers, ceramics, labels and stickers to ready-made store items. Thanks to years of experience and our knowledge of the product and market, we know exactly which Bromeliad and its use is best for each country, retail formula or consumer.

Bromeliad annual program

We love to translate our valuable knowledge into the best performing propositions for our customers. Together we create a well-thought-out annual program with Bromeliads and colors tailored by country, season, retail formula and moodboards. With fixed lines, promotions, novelties and attention to special themes such as Valentine's Day, Easter and Christmas.

Breasy logo

Our Bromeliads are cultivated with great care and our "warranty card" is our own brand: Breasy. Breasy is our way of showing that Bromeliads are very easy. Consumers who want to know everything about Bromeliads can visit the Breasy social media and website. Here we share care tips, fun facts and inspiration.

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No matter what season is out there, our year round collections will reaveal and highlight your space atmosphere with beautiful plants in special ceramics.

Private label

Do you have your own brand and do you want to ensure unity in the shops in your corporate identity? Then we add your own private label to our Bromeliads on request. We have optimally organized these processes internally. We will discuss the options and wishes with you. The Bromeliads are packaged into ready-to-use store items entirely in your own house style. If you have any questions or need help in the field of Marketing, we are here for you.


Bromelia Specialist's account managers are happy to help develop complete and well-thought-out concepts. For example garden center tables, store displays, with Bromeliads in combination with green houseplants. The store employee only has to put the plants in the right place to achieve the best sales result.


Interested in the unique stories of our Bromeliads? We are happy to share them with you. Even if you are looking for content or professional product- and interior photos for your online or offline communication. Our marketing department is happy to help you.

Shopper Acitvation

Enticing consumers to and on the shop floor with beautiful value-added Bromeliads is also possible with a shopper activation. This often involves multiple parties to ensure that the most effective activation is developed for your shoppers. We also have experience in the logistical handling of these types of large orders, where everything comes together and a good team is the key to success.


Plants are also increasingly ordered online by consumers. We offer you the opportunity to offer our products directly in your webshop, including the product information. You sell and we take care of the rest. Dropshipping is for your convenience and has many advantages. You can offer a wide range without having a stock risk. Due to the wide range, you appeal to more consumers and the chance of sales is increased. Customer orders go directly to the nursery and are packed and shipped for you, always fresh. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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