Our cultivation is market-oriented and all our clients have their specific wishes and requirements. We give the best care to our plants and deliver them with the requested covers, ceramics, labels, and article stickers as ready-to-sell store products. Thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge of the plants and the market, we know exactly which and how Bromeliads are best suited for each country, retail format, and consumer.

Bromeliad annual programme

We love to translate our valuable expertise into the most effective and profitable proposals for our clients. Together, we set up a well-considered annual delivery programme with Bromeliads and colours per country, season, retail format, and mood boards. We offer fixed shipments, promotions, novelties, and pay special attention to themes like Valentine's Day, Easter, and Christmas.

Breasy logo

Our Bromeliads are grown with great care and so our “warranty card” is actually our own brand – Breasy. Breasy is our way of showing that Bromeliads are so easy to care for. People who'd like to know everything about Bromeliads can also follow the Breasy social media channels and visit the website where we share care tips, fun facts, and inspirational posts.

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No matter what season is out there, our year round collections will reaveal and highlight your space atmosphere with beautiful plants in special ceramics.

Private label

Do you carry a private label and want to use your company style to ensure a certain uniformity in your stores? No problem. We can add your private label to our Bromeliads at request. Our processes to realise this are optimised to perfection so just get in touch so we can discuss the options and your needs. The Bromeliads are packaged as ready-to-sell store products in your company style. And if you have any questions or need marketing advice, please let us know.


The Bromelia Specialist account managers will gladly help you develop complete and sophisticated concepts, such as presentation tables in garden centres, store displays, etc. Bromeliads also take centre stage when combined with green houseplants. Store employees only need to present the plants in the right place and manner to realise the best sales results.


Are you interested in the unique stories behind our Bromeliads? We love to share them with you. For instance, when you would like to add content or professional images of the plants and interiors to your online or offline communication channels. Our Marketing Department is here to help you.

Shopper Activation

Another value-adding method to entice and direct consumers to and inside your store with beautiful Bromeliads is called shopper activation. This often involves multiple parties to make sure that the most effective activation is achieved for your shopping audience. We also know exactly how to logistically handle such large orders where everything comes together and a great team is the key to success.


Consumers also increasingly often order plants online. So now we offer you the option to sell our products directly from your online shop, including the product information. You sell the Bromeliads and we take care of the rest. Dropshipping is for your convenience and has many advantages. Your online shop can have a broad range of products without the risk of maintaining large stocks. The broad assortment will appeal to more consumers and, thus, increase sales. Customer orders are directly forwarded to the nursery where they are packaged and shipped fresh every day. We will be more than happy to further discuss the various options.

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