These Bromeliads are mainly found in the northwest of South America and in the Caribbean, mostly in tropical rainforests. The most striking thing about the Guzmania Rockyflower are the brightly coloured bracts that grow from a beautiful rosette and form an extraordinary bulb or a clump together.

Product details

Name: Guzmania Rockyflower
Pot sizes: 9cm – 12cm
Varieties: We cultivate 4 Guzmania Rockyflower varieties


From light to very bright; never in direct sunlight.




1x per 2 weeks


Not required


Place the Rockyflower in a well-lit place in the house, but not in direct sunlight. Water this plant in the central calyx which is the heart of the plant from which the flower grows. From this heart, the plant will feed itself. If there is no more water visible in this central core of the leaves, the plant needs to be watered again. Their tropical roots make Rockyflowers excellent survivors, so they require little maintenance. Rockyflowers will provide an average of 3-6 months of flowering pleasure!

Nice to know

As soon as the Bromeliad loses its colour and turns brown, it slowly dies off. A Bromeliad only flowers once, but it is common after flowering for cuttings to appear next to the Bromeliad. Let these grow until they are as high as half of the mother plant. Water the new plants in the central calyx and plant them in their own pot complete with their roots after two weeks. This is how to grow it into an adult plant. If the small plants do not yet have any roots, you can put their base in water until a root becomes visible. It takes one year before the plant is ready to flower. Then, mimic nature... Place a piece of ripe apple in the heart of the plant, cover the plant with a plastic bag and seal it. Let the apple ripen inside of the plant for three weeks. After eight to sixteen weeks, a new flower will emerge!

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