Bromelia Specialist is the supplier of the largest range of Bromeliads in the highest possible quality. To achieve this, we work together with the best Bromeliad growers in Europe.

Our growers

The Bromelia Specialist company is the result of a unique collaboration between our growers. All growers are specialised in certain parts of the cultivation process. Bromelia Specialist has eight different locations with a total of 240,000 m2 of greenhouses and our growers cultivate a total of around 8,500,000 Bromeliads per year.


To deliver uniform and premium-quality plants all year round, they are sorted and given more space to grow multiple times, which is an automated and highly precise process. We also use ethylene, a natural product, to stimulate them to flower. By matching the moment of this treatment to the demand, we can carefully schedule the cultivation and delivery of flowering plants.

Partner in innovation

The quality of our Bromeliads is continuously monitored and improved. Our growers share their knowledge and information about market developments and consumer needs with the propagation companies. We love to be inspired and develop new, beautiful varieties, which are assessed on quality, colour, volume, inflorescence, uniqueness, and use.

Even though we test many new varieties every year, less than 2% will ultimately pass all tests and be selected. This is how we guarantee a premium product for our clients and consumers.

We control the entire process, from seedling to the final assembly of the ready-to-sell store product. How efficient is that?

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Growth process