The Multiflower is native to Central and South America, where it is still found in countless varieties and colours in the wild. The Multiflower is exceptional in its shape. This is a special Vriesea with several teardrop-shaped flowers in red and yellow-orange colours. The leaves are narrow and compact and they form a beautiful bouquet together with the different flowers. What we conveniently call flowers here, are actually coloured bracts. The Multiflowers deserve a special place within our range of Bromeliads.

Product details

Naam: Multiflower
Pot sizes: 12cm
Varieties: We cultivate 3 Multiflower varieties

All varieties can be seen here in one overview.



From light to very bright; never in direct sunlight.




1x per 2 weeks


Not required


Place Multiflowers in a well-lit spot in the house, but not in direct sunlight. This plant is watered in the central calyx, which is the heart of the plant from which the flower grows. From this central cup, the plant will feed itself. When water is no longer visible in the central base of the leaves the plant should be watered again. Their tropical roots make Multiflowers excellent survivors and therefore, they require little maintenance. Multiflowers provide an average of 3-6 months of flowering pleasure!

Nice to know

Bromeliads with thick leaves like a dry environment and Bromeliads with thin leaves prefer a more humid location. This also makes the Multiflower a perfect plant for the bathroom. If you want to spoil your Multiflower on a very hot day, use a plant sprayer to spray the flower and leaves. Just like in the tropics, this provides the plant with a little cooling. You can also put the plant pot on a bowl of water and let the water around the plant evaporate. In nature, the Bromeliad also extracts moisture and nutrition from the air through its leaves.

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The Multiflower is easy to combine; in a mix of different types of Bromeliads next to each other, in a nice bowl with other plants or simply in a beautiful ceramic pot. It is easy to tailor to the seasons and to your customers. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our value-added catalogue.

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