The Guzmania predominantly grows in the north-west of South America and in the Caribbean; mostly in tropical rain forests. There, it grows on trees with stringy roots without harming them; the Guzmania extracts moisture and nutrition from the air. This tropical trumpet has a captivating effect on its entire environment. The most striking features of the Guzmania are brightly coloured bracts that grow from a beautiful rosette. Between the bracts, it has small unique flowers. The Guzmania is available in many colours and colour variations, such as yellow, red, orange, white, pink or two-tone.

Product details

Name: Guzmania
Pot sizes: 9cm – 12cm
Varieties:We cultivate approximately 40 Guzmania varieties

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From light to very bright; never in direct sunlight.




1x per 2 weeks


Not required


Place the Guzmania in a well-lit spot in the house, but not in direct sunlight. This plant is watered in the central calyx, which is the heart of the plant from which the flower grows. From this central cup, the plant will feed itself. When water is no longer visible in the central base of the leaves the plant should be watered again. Their tropical roots make Guzmanias excellent survivors and therefore, they require little maintenance. Guzmanias provide an average of 3-6 months of flowering pleasure!

Nice to know

This plant was named after the Spanjard who discovered it: Antonino Guzman. He was a pharmacist, botanist and collector of historical objects. From around the year 1900, the first varieties were imported into Europe. If you want to spoil a Guzmania on a very hot day, use a plant sprayer to spray the flower and leaves. Just like in the tropics, the plant will then be able to cool down a little. You can also put the plant pot on a bowl of water and let the water evaporate around the plant. In nature, the Bromeliad also uses its leaves to extract moisture and nutrition from the air.

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The Guzmania brightens up every space with its cheerful colours and bright green leaves. We have a number of our own varieties available that have extra large flowers; they are real eyecatchers Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our value-added catalogue.

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