Bromeliads are propagated in two ways, by seed or in the laboratory. In both cases, it produces a small plant after about a year, which is cultivated on specialized propagation companies.

When the plant is about 5cm tall, they come to our young plant nursery, we plant them in a paper pot and let the plants grow for a few more months. Regular sorting enables us to always supply uniform batches to our other nurseries.

The plant, often already 20-25 cm tall, is then placed in the final pot and goes into the nursery to continue growing.

After a few months, robots pick up the plants, we pass them under a camera and they are placed in the containers again by 3 different robots per size.

After having been in the greenhouse for a while, the plants are given a flowering treatment, after which the plant with flower can be sold 10 to 16 weeks later.

They are then sorted for the 7th time in the workspace by height and width using a camera, after which we deliver uniform batches. The Bromeliad has been growing for almost three years now!

Together we build on a colorful and green world from here, our greenhouse,to every living room.

... "Leave it up to us when it comes to Bromeliads."