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Bromelia Specialist likes to colour the world with these beautiful Bromeliads. And with smart, sustainable solutions and innovations, we contribute to a green and healthy planet.

Plants need light, CO2, and water to grow. Our growers enjoy working in and with nature to optimise the cultivation process. The choices we make in the short and long term all contribute to a healthy environment – and this is good for people and plants.

The result: a strong and healthy plant, cultivated via a process that involves a minimum of energy, chemical wastewater, wastage, and plastics. We are optimistic about the future and, together, build on a colourful and green planet, straight from our nurseries and greenhouses into every living room.

Take a look inside our greenhouses and see our sustainable solutions:

Good for people, planet and plant

Sustainable solutions and innovations

Plant health

Growing healthy and strong Bromeliads is not something we do alone. Nature has so much to offer, from small insects to quirky geckos. They help us keep our plants healthy so they can grow undisturbed.


Our plants love the sun as it heats our greenhouses so they can grow. And when the sun plays hide and seek, we heat our greenhouses with residual heat from the Rotterdam power plant.


Like us, plants need water to quench their thirst. We collect rainwater in basins for watering and all excess water that the plants don’t need is collected again, purified, and reused.


We are big fans of recycling. The plastic pots, trays, and carton packaging materials are made of recycled material. We separate residual waste into organic waste, plastics, cartons, and glass so everything can be processed for reuse.


Bromeliads are native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America where over 3000 varieties can be found As a partner of the Adopt Rainforest initiative, we protect the rainforests in Costa Rica and, thus, the tropical roots of the Bromeliad family

The rainforests of Costa Rica are among the most beautiful, unique and biodiverse places on earth – and saving them for today’s and future generations is crucial. Adopteer Regenwoud does this by buying pieces of land that contain rainforest vegetation. When this is successful, the purchased land is placed under the Costa Rican nature conservation law so it will be protected against commercial exploitation indefinitely. Adopteer Regenwoud also works closely with the Costa Rican rangers to raise awareness and get the local people involved. The ultimate goal is to protect 2000 hectares of rainforest, not just to protect the vegetation but also for the monkeys and jaguars that will gradually find their way back here.

Furthermore, Adopteer Regenwoud conducts local research into the effect of land use on biodiversity. This research is done with students from all over the world. Adopteer Regenwoud also organises activities in the Netherlands to raise awareness here and with educational programmes for primary schools named Regenwoud van de Kinderen! [the Children’s Rainforest].

We are very proud of this amazing, green, and sustainable collaboration with an influential foundation.

For more information about the foundation, please visit their website...

Adopt Rainforest