Who we are

We are the team of Bromelia Specialist, living among the Bromeliads. Our experienced growers, driven order-processors and enthusiastic sales people do everything to excite the world about this fascinating flowering houseplant

As market leader we are specialized in breeding, production, product development and assembling into high quality consumer ready items. Together with our partner service providers or direct sourcing parties we provide daily fresh the whole Bromelia assortment to garden centers, DIY’s, supermarkets and wholesale throughout Europe.

Customised Advice

Thanks to years of experience and our knowledge of product and market, we know exactly which Bromelia and it’s use is best for each country, retail formula or consumer. We love to translate our valuable knowledge into the best performing propositions for our customers.

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A green healthy world

Bromelia Specialist likes to make the world colorful with beautiful Bromeliads. And with smart sustainable solutions and innovations, we contribute to a green, healthy world.

For a plant to grow and flower, light, CO2 and water are needed. For this cultivation process, our growers enjoy working in and together with nature. The choices we make, in the short and long term, contribute to a healthy living environment. Good for people and plants.

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