Welcome to the exciting world of Bromeliads

We are Bromelia Specialist, based in the Netherlands, and Bromeliads are what we live and breathe. Our experienced growers, keen order processors, and passionate sales team work hard to promote and bring these fascinating, flowering houseplants to the rest of the world.

As market leader, we are specialised in plant breeding, cultivating, product development, and assembly to create premium consumer products. Together with our service partners or direct-sourcing parties, we daily deliver all our Bromeliad varieties to garden centres, DIY stores, supermarkets, and wholesalers throughout Europe.

Tailored advice

Thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge of the plants and the market, we know exactly which and how Bromeliads are best suited for each country, retail format, and consumer. We love to translate our valuable expertise into the most effective and profitable proposals for our clients.

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A green healthy planet

Bromelia Specialist likes to colour the world with these beautiful Bromeliads. And with smart, sustainable solutions and innovations, we contribute to a green and healthy planet.

Plants need light, CO2, and water to grow. Our growers enjoy working in and with nature to optimise the cultivation process. The choices we make in the short and long term all contribute to a healthy environment – and this is good for people and plants.

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